8 December 2011

Do I Have a Hobby?

Just something I've been thinking about a little lately.

I'm a geek, that's been well established. I play video games and roleplaying games. I watch sci-fi and fantasy movies and read comics.

I'm also keen on music. I listen to it, I write it, I play it.

These things fill my life. But are they 'hobbies'? According to dictionary.com a hobby is 'an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation'. Sure, they're not exactly my 'main occupation' (at least in the sense that I get no income from them). But still they seem to go beyond what people generally think of as hobbies. They're more like a way of life to me. I couldn't imagine my life without any of them.

But if I don't define these things as hobbies, does that mean I have no hobbies? Doesn't that make me sound like a dull person?

Well, there may of course be more specific subsets of the whole that work better with the 'hobby' definition. Currently my webcomic might be one such. While strongly influenced by my other interests, it, in itself, isn't (at least yet) a defining factor of myself, or a compulsory part of my core being. It's something I choose to do, because it's fun (and gets me complements from friends)...

I guess all this also ties into what I was writing about a 'post-geek' lifestyle earlier this autumn, the way that geekdom has gone beyond being a 'hobby' so that what remains is simply... me. Hard to quantify or categorise, just being myself, the way I am, and spending my time the way I wish to spend it.

Did I have a real point to all this rambling? I guess not...

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