30 December 2011

I Heart Ramona, aka Presents

There's stuff that tends to get written about this time of year. There's the recapping of the year's highlights, the looking forward to what the future has in store, etc. I did all that stuff in a previous blog post. There's the complaining about the weather. I think I actually touched upon that as well in that previous post.

Then there's the traditional 'bragging about cool Christmas presents' thing. Which is just another excuse to write crap about stuff I like.

So, this year the present that stands out most for me is undoubtedly the complete set (volumes one through six) of Scott Pilgrim.

Have I written about Scott Pilgrim in my blog? I don't remember doing so. I saw the movie for the first time last summer. I enjoyed it. There was something about the combination of cute romance, martial arts action, video game references, indie rock and crazy humour that rather appealed to me. Hell, it was almost like the whole thing was engineered to specifically appeal to my particular tastes. Even down to the lazy underachiever gamer musician protagonist. Talk about relating, ahem... (Except all that 'getting the girl' stuff, maybe. I guess that's a protagonist thing. And I'm just not protagonist material. I could be an antagonist, maybe, except I'm too lazy to go around kidnapping girls. :-p)

A little later I read the comic. And liked it also. More even than the movie, since it obviously goes more in depth into the characters' backgrounds, etc. I decided it would be cool to own my own copy of it, and ended up requesting it for Christmas. So now I can read it whenever I like, yay. :-)

Oh, and Ramona Flowers is, like, totally hot, and stuff. And I hope I won't have to fight anyone to the death 'cause I said that. ('Cause I'd lose. And I hate losing. Especially in a fight to the death.)

EDIT: Apparently putting a '<' in my original post title messed it up, so it got posted without a title, and Blogger didn't even bother to notify me about this... Well, whatever. I fixed the title, although the permalink (seriously? the spellchecker in my browser recognises 'permalink', but not 'blogger'?) is words from the start of the post rather than the title. Of course this should not matter in the least, but the perfectionist nitpicker in me made me write this note...

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