18 January 2012

Thought or Two on Jan 18th Protests

It seems fitting that on this day of protest I should write a word or two.

Frankly, I feel that with every passing day I'm less and less inclined to discuss anything related to copyrights. Therein lies a tangled web that only leads to anger, bitterness, depression and despair.

So let's keep this simple. 1. Censorship is never an answer to anything. It is paramount that the Internet remains free and open. 2. I believe, passionately, that it should be everyone's fundamental right to enjoy culture, regardless of wealth. 3. Creative people must be able to make a living doing what they do best (and I do mean creative people, not greedy corporate executives). 4. Reconciling the dilemma between points 2 and 3 is one of the greatest challenges our global electronic culture faces, and I, for one, have no solution to offer.

But, the way I figure it, why spend the day bemoaning the short-sightedness of so-called authorities, when I could be celebrating culture? And perhaps in particular culture that is out there for free and legally, and not in the least because we have this wonderful web of interaction and sharing to pool our resources in and draw inspiration from.

For starters, I just watched the beautiful animated short Sintel, which I hadn't seen in a long while.

Maybe I'll listen to some free releases from Machinae Supremacy. Or even watch their awesome concert video that they released, entirely legally I might add, on The Pirate Bay.

The possibilities are endless. Just remember, don't let the bastards grind you down.

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