2 March 2012

A Couple More Free Albums

Following up on this post from January, here's a couple more neat artists with freely available albums I've discovered through Jamendo.

Gladius Noctis. I haven't found a lot of info about this band. Apparently they were from Poland, active around the turn of the millennium, and since split up. Their self-released album Croaton is pretty impressive, though. The sound could perhaps be described as instrumental folk metal, making heavy use of strings. (The album at Jamendo.)

Eternal Dream. This is a more recent band from Spain. They play symphonic power metal with female vocals, and their first full length album, The Fall of Salanthine, was released at the end of last year. It's a pretty high quality release considering they've made it available for free. (Website, with links to various streaming/download services.)

That's it till next time!

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