29 May 2012

Conquering YouTube and Jamendo

Haven't been blogging much lately. Shame on me. Anyway, a quick update: in an effort to reach as many people as possible, and because free accounts on SoundCloud have a limited amount of storage space, I've recently uploaded some of my music on two new services.

Firstly, for quick and easy streaming, there's the mother of all streaming services, YouTube. I've uploaded both my recent albums there, the fantasy symphonic rock/metal experiment Winged and the instrumental work Demon Armour Mamori. (The links will take you to the relevant playlists.)

Secondly, Winged is also now available on Jamendo, one of the leading websites for distributing free indie music. (Just so you know, Jamendo allows people to make donations to artists, assuming I've set up my account properly to receive them, of course. However, they don't transfer the money to the artist until the total reaches $100. Which for an unknown amateur artist like me may take, basically, forever. I'm just saying this so that you know, should you wish to donate, the money may actually never reach me...)

And as always, more information about the albums is available at the website's music section, alongside links to all the streams and downloads.

Enjoy! ;-)

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  1. This is amazing! I have actually had these pretty crazy ideas about a music video for Game Master - it would probably be easiest due to the theme. Yay!


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