11 June 2012

I've Got a Potato and I'm Not Afraid to Use It

So I finally got around to playing Portal 2. And I liked it a lot. I wrote a brief review. (My first this year, apparently. I really don't play enough games these days.) In a nutshell it says it's a lot like the first Portal, only bigger, and that I liked it a lot. And, uh, yeah, that's basically it.

I haven't played the co-op part of the game. And I'm not sure I will, any time soon. Mostly because I just don't play games online. I feel like I need to be able to communicate more directly, particularly when it comes to a co-operative game. (I don't even have the technology for playing online, like headsets and stuff, 'cause I've never been interested in it.) Of course local multiplayer is a possibility, but then we're into logistics territory and finding a mate to play with etc... Also a problem with this sort of game is that both players need to be on the same level, and if one has already played the game and the other hasn't I imagine it basically ruins it. So yeah, I can't say I really get the online gaming phenomenon in general. Just give me quality single player games, please, and I'll be happy.

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