13 June 2012

No Place for Old Bens

(Yeah yeah, one of those late night angsty poetry-ish things. Just found myself feeling vaguely uncomfortable tonight, and a little lonely, which is weird 'cause this is actually one of the most socially active weeks I've had in a while. I'm not sure why exactly I feel a need to express this stuff in words, but for some reason I do, so bear with me...)

One of those days
hot and oppressive
though the meter's hardly touching record highs
so I wonder
is there any clime I'd feel at home in?
all I ever know is 'too hot', 'too cold'
and isn't it just the story of my life
an ill fit
the puzzle's not missing a piece
there's a piece too many
no place for old Bens in this world
no careers
no significant others
even faiths elude me
so I suppose pleasant weather as well is too much to ask for
and "I wish I had an angel"
I hear my headphones serenade me
"For one moment of love"
and wouldn't that be just the thing
to rest
just a moment
in the cool shade of her wings
on a hot and oppressive one-of-those-days day

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