12 July 2012

On Half-Life 2 and Review Writing

So I finally got around to beating Half-Life 2. I actually begun playing it about a year ago already, but got sidetracked by something. It was fairly easy to jump back in, though, once the mood struck me.

Apart from one or two cheap downloadable or Free Software games, this was probably the first major FPS title I've really played since, well, Doom... And, in a nutshell, I liked it. As usual, I wrote a brief review.

Which brings us to my other topic, my video game reviews. I started writing them years ago, for reasons that I've since forgotten. I don't write them very often (I'm still being much too lazy at playing games). They are rarely very current, and have little depth. I'm not sure anyone actually reads them. Or cares.

So the question arises, why do I bother? And I'm not sure I can actually answer that. Which is not a good sign. I'll have to reconsider whether writing those reviews is actually worth the time and effort. Just writing little blog posts about games I'm playing might make more sense these days...

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