22 August 2012

Escape from Lowresia: The Soundtrack

If just a little over a year ago someone would have suggested that I'd someday be writing a year's worth of regular comic strips, I'd probably have scoffed, and said: 'Yeah, right...' But somehow it happened. No, the comic has not made any major breakthroughs, frankly I'm lucky if I even have a dozen readers (that I know of), but still, it's been fun.

To celebrate Escape from Lowresia's first birthday, I have a special treat for you: Escape from Lowresia: The Soundtrack! Yes, a staggering 76 minutes of music inspired by video games!

As you may know, EfL is based on sprites I created a long, long time ago as part of a game programming project, which was never completed. I have also mentioned before that I composed a bunch of music as well for that project. Some of those tracks have been available on my website for years; some of the original Impulse Tracker files since, basically, the beginning, and later MP3 versions collected as the album Games That Could Have Been. However, I still had a lot of material lying around that had never been released.

Already soon after I started writing EfL, I considered the option of releasing some of the music, seeing as the graphics used in the comic and the music was created hand in hand, back in the day. Then last spring I finally decided to go through my old archives and dig up these old tunes. I first released the album Demon Armour Mamori, which basically contained most of the old tracker compositions not related to that RPG project that I deemed worthwhile.

Now at last here is the second volume, the most complete collection of music composed for that ill-fated game with the working title Rain to date. Since the graphics found new life as Escape from Lowresia, I am using that title for the album as well, although the tone is of course somewhat more serious than that of the comic's. Imagine it as the soundtrack to the game Raine and his companions were intended for, before being abandoned in Sprite Limbo. Which, of course, it is, quite literally.

Not only does the album contain a lot of music not found on the earlier Games That Could Have Been collection, all the music has been touched up, remastered, and encoded at 320 kbps, so it should sound better than ever. (The tweaking and mastering process took two whole days of hard work. And that's not including uploading the music to various places, converting to video files for YouTube and stuff, which together counts for probably another day or two. So I hope you folks appreciate it. :-p)

This album and Demon Armour Mamori together make up the definitive compilation of my tracker years. I doubt I'll be releasing more music from that era, or, for that matter, returning to that type of technology in the foreseeable future. This, I think, is basically all the decent material from that time I have. It was an important chapter in my development as a musician, and listening to the tracks on these two albums years later, I'm quite impressed by many of the compositions. It's obvious that a lot of work went into creating them. I hope someone out there will enjoy them.

And, as usual, you will find the MP3 bundle, stream links, and more info over at the music section.

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