15 August 2012

In Memoriam: Harry Harrison

Famous people keep kicking the bucket all the time, but Harry Harrison is one I actually thought I should sit down and write a few words about.

I first read The Stainless Steel Rat sometime in my teen years. Like several other sci-fi/fantasy books I read during those years, it was something I found in my dad's bookshelf (which I'm sure played a large part in shaping my tastes for years to come, a fact I'm very grateful for). Besides Pratchett's Discworld series, the Rat books are among those I remember with most fondness from my late teens.

Perhaps more than anything else, 'Slippery Jim' DiGriz is the main reason for my love of scoundrels and con artist characters. I just love a good tongue-in-cheek con story. There are too few of them in the world of sci-fi and fantasy, I think.

Rest in peace, Harry. Here's to crime!

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