26 September 2012

An Infamous Review Thingy

Having thought about it for some time, I think I probably won't be writing any more video game reviews for the review section of my website. Bottom line is, they don't really serve any purpose, since my readership is hardly huge and the games I play tend to not be the newest thing anyway, and (perhaps most importantly) for a while already writing those reviews has felt more like a chore than something I really enjoy. But I'll probably blog about games I play, in a somewhat simpler fashion.

So just now I beat Infamous (or inFamous or inFAMOUS, however you wish to spell it). I'd had it on my PS3's hard drive ever since the PSN outage last year (I got it free as part of the welcome back package), and finally got around to playing it. It turned out to be a pretty fun action adventure, with a superhero twist.

In a nutshell, the protagonist, Cole MacGrath, is at the centre of a mysterious explosion. He survives and finds he has gained powers to manipulate electricity. Meanwhile, the city is placed under quarantine, and gangs of mutated people are wreaking havoc. An FBI agent recruits Cole to find the 'Ray Sphere', the cause of all the trouble... The storytelling in the game was OK, though I sometimes felt there would have been some room for improvement.

So basically you have a whole city to explore, in a fairly free fashion (outside areas only, though). One of the main themes of the game is agility. You can easily climb buildings and run around rooftops, or 'grind' power lines to move fast from rooftop to rooftop. It's a lot of fun. Story missions proceed in a relatively linear fashion, but there's also plenty of side quests and exploration to do. Frankly, the side quests soon get a little repetitive, though, and in later parts I couldn't really be bothered to do many.

The game also makes a big point of morality, and periodically makes you choose a good or evil course of action. However, most of these decisions felt essentially pointless, because once you've chosen your path you basically have to stick with it, as unlocking many power upgrades requires a high level of either good or bad 'karma'.

Still, despite these limitations, it was a pretty entertaining game. Not too long for repetitiveness to really be a problem, not too short either. The challenge level also seemed appropriate for me (playing on easy difficulty, since I'm generally pretty bad at action games). I'll probably pick up the sequel some day, when I run into it cheap enough and actually have a little money... But now, I think, I want something different. Just don't know what yet...

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