17 September 2012

Monday Night Ramblings, with Music, Ponies and Whatnot

There's a handful of websites I routinely check. Normally I just open a new tab, punch in the first letter or two of the URL and hit enter. It's a very fast operation, happens almost on reflex. Sometimes, if I'm bored, I might accidentally check sites I've checked only minutes ago, just punching in the address on reflex, not really thinking. And sometimes I seem to punch in an address that makes no sense for me to visit. Like Blogger. This has happened several times over the past few days, even though I haven't had anything in mind to blog about. Maybe my brain's trying to tell me something? So, like, whatever. Here I am, then, rambling about nothing in particular.

Item 1:

Music. Last spring I backed the Kickstarter for Amanda Palmer's new album, Theatre Is Evil. Well, the album was finally released last week. I'm still waiting for my CD (I wasn't expecting it to arrive very fast, seeing as it's coming all the way from the States), but I got the download version (with tons of bonus tracks for Kickstarter backers, yay) and have listened to it a few times, and yes, it's pretty darn good.

And of course you don't need to be a Kickstarter backer to listen to it. She's offering the album on a 'pay what you want' basis. Free, if you want. Here's a statement from her website:
'i firmly believe in music being as free as possible. unlocked. shared and spread.
i believe that in order for artists to survive and create, their audiences need to step up and directly support them.
honor system.
no judgment.
if you’re broke – take it. if you love it, come back and kick in later when you have the money.
if you’re rich, think about who you might be karmically covering if you really love this record.
the store below has two versions of the record. one is totally free, and one has a minimum price of $1.00 so that i can cover the cost of covering other artists’ songs.
we are the media.
LOVE, afp'
I only have one thing to say about that: respect. (I'll probably write more once I actually get the physical album.)

Item 2:

Gaming. I don't think I've actually properly blogged about my My Little Pony RPG, have I? Yes, you read that right. After (half jokingly, perhaps) suggesting one last year, it received a very enthusiastic welcome from some of my friends, and I finally begun running it this spring. We've played a handful of sessions over the summer, the latest being yesterday. It's been a fun experiment. An opportunity for some fairly simple, light-hearted, a little zany adventures. (Which, of course, may not be all that different from most of my RPG's. Just a little more... innocent, perhaps.) (And for those wondering about a grown man being into My Little Pony... Well, Friendship Is Magic really is a pretty good, and frequently hilarious, show. And, in my mind, suitable for all ages.)

So this last session I ran. I basically drew most of the inspiration for it from Portal. And, basically, all I can say is, I just love being a Game Master. I can cook up some amazing, sometimes borderline ludicrous, tributes to things I enjoy, and make a group of people smile and laugh while playing them. What more could a person wish for?

I've got some more serious games coming up soon as well, though. My long-running fantasy steampunk airship pirate game Tales from the Teya'o Iva is still going on, with some interesting twists happening of late. And it looks like I'll soon be running some Pathfinder again after a break of several months. Yay for that! I love Pathfinder. Plus I've promised to run a vampire themed one shot adventure around Hallowe'en, which should hopefully be pretty cool. Lately I've been itching to try something new and exciting. Something with lots of big plot twists and stuff. (Not that my current games are unexciting or without big plot twists, but, like, whatever...)

So yeah, keeping myself busy GMwise.

Item 3:

Current events. I'm... just not even going to say anything about it. The way this world is still wrapped in such cycles of hate and violence is just... so depressing. But I want to go on record saying I believe in religious freedom, and I believe in freedom of speech. Mocking another's faith is stupid and distasteful, however there is no such thing as blasphemy. What others say or do should not matter. If you let it... well, basically, I guess it means they win.

OK, I think that wraps it up for today. More ramblings when I have something worthwhile to ramble about.

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