27 September 2012

Nameless Anniversary Anxiety (Being a Poem About Life, or Semblance Thereof)

I still have the ticket, you know
tucked away with
miscellaneous memorabilia

I've hung onto others
for various reasons
but that was the first

the theatre's gone now
swallowed up by the
multiplex revolution

(and that is a
disturbing thought in
its own right)

the movie was OK
(I like Jeff Goldblum)
but it's the parting

I remember
sitting at the bus stop
not wanting the night to end

not 'like it was yesterday'
more like a distant dream
fifteen years ago


gods it sounds like a
long time said
out loud

but it's not old scars
I mourn, I think
(if ever scars there were)

no, not the fifteen
but the fourteen
scarless years

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