28 September 2012

The Theatre Is Evil Post

OK, so last Monday I finally got my first ever Kickstarter purchase in the post: Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra's album Theatre Is Evil. (It took nearly three weeks to reach me after I was notified of it being shipped. But I'm not complaining, just glad to finally have it.)

I've listened to it a bunch of times since then. More than I initially expected, I must say. Some of the songs I've loved since the day I first heard them (like both the songs that have gotten music videos so far, 'The Killing Type' and 'Want It Back'), while others have grown on me more gradually, I think. There's some beautiful moments on the album, as well as many catchy, danceable moments. I can't say I fully understand every song, but even the ones I don't sound lovely (and the language is very poetic).

The version of the CD is the 'Limited Backer Edition', made exclusively for the album's Kickstarter backers. It came in a lovely book type format (about 18cm tall). The cover is black, with elegant silver coloured lettering, while inside there's plenty of nice artwork in addition to the song lyrics. In a nutshell, I like it. I like owning (physical) albums, and their aesthetic value is one of the main reasons for it. I love it when artists make an effort to make their releases look nice and original. The CD itself contains no bonus material (likely because the album is over 70 minutes long to begin with), although the 'deluxe' download version (included in the deal for all who bought the CD through Kickstarter) contains lots of bonus tracks (which are pretty good, too).

Included was a cool thank you card featuring a stereoscopic 3D image of the band. (With Amanda topless. She's not a shy person.)

So, bottom line, yes, I'm glad I participated in the Kickstarter, and glad I decided to get the CD version (originally I was going to just pledge a few bucks for the download).

I've been following AFP on Twitter for a while now, and she seems like a lovely person who really cares about art more than anything. Of course I doubt she'd be married to Neil Gaiman if she wasn't. And I'd probably have never gotten this album if it wasn't for Neil promoting her in his own posts. So he deserves a little credit too.

And as I've mentioned before, the download version of the album is being offered on a 'pay what you want' basis (free, even, if you're skint) at AFP's website.

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