20 September 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons, Ignore Them and Play Video Games

(This post may contain strong language.)

So yeah. Shit decided to hit the fan computer-wise, as it is wont to do every so often. In a nutshell, I ran an update for my Debian Wheezy system, which included a new version of AMD's video card drivers. And it turns out the new version doesn't want to play with my card... I spent a stressful evening battling with this, and none of my ideas for workarounds seemed to work (the open source Radeon driver actually started up the first time I tried it... but ever since has resulted in a segmentation fault, for reasons that are totally beyond me). So in the end I just went: 'Fuck it. I don't want to deal with this shit now.'

So I dug up my old crappy MacBook for basic internet use, and spent the next day playing video games. (Not necessarily meant to imply that the MacBook is crappy just because it's old. It may also be crappy because it's a fucking Apple product. But that is neither here nor there.)

The game I picked was Infamous. I'd had it on my PS3's hard drive for over a year now (got it free as part of the welcome back package after the PSN outage), but hadn't got around to playing yet. And I ended up playing it for a significant portion of the day. Which probably means it's not a bad game.

I think this change of pace was really needed. It's been a little while again since I last really got into a new game. It's always refreshing and exciting. The computer issue remains, a huge looming black cloud over my life, 'cause I'm really no guru who can fix such things just like that. But life goes on...

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