28 October 2012

Addendum to Previous Post, Concerning the World Just Destroyed

I just wrote a blog post about how the party in my Pathfinder game just destroyed the world. One or two more thoughts just came to my mind that I thought were worthy of their own post rather than a quick edit.

I set my game in Paizo's official Pathfinder setting, a world called Golarion. In the beginning this was, perhaps, largely a matter of convenience, seeing as the source books were naturally fully compatible with the rules (which wasn't necessarily the case with other D&D 3.5 products I considered, like Eberron) and I wasn't keen on going through the trouble of creating an original world for a game which was, admittedly, very much based on clichés. I've grown quite fond of the setting since then, though.

I call Golarion the 'land of a thousand clichés'. Because it is, really. I think the design philosophy at Paizo has been, more or less, 'Let's throw in everything we can possible think of!' And this is exactly what makes it such a great RPG setting. There is a little bit of everything in there, and possibilities for very different styles of adventure. But throughout there's something of an air of pulp adventure, which is also much to my liking. The geography and cultures are largely influenced by our own world (the setting of most adventures, the so-called 'Inner Sea Region', being basically equivalent to Europe and Africa), which is actually quite convenient. And there are literally dozens of nations and regions introduced in the setting book, from northern Viking lands to southern jungles...

So it is actually a slight shame to destroy the world at this point. We've really only scratched its surface so far. But of course we may yet return to it. It might not be the exact same world, but it may yet be rediscovered, in some way or other...

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