20 October 2012

Figaro Castle or Bust

So I begun playing Final Fantasy VI. Again. With emphasis on 'begun'.

I first played it sometime near the end of the 90's, I think, on a PC SNES emulator. (I never owned an actual SNES, alas.) I got relatively far in the game, as I recall, but then got sidetracked by something else, and eventually lost the save files and, well, that was that.

When a port of the game came out for the PlayStation, I naturally bought it right away. Over the years I've started playing it again at least a couple times. But I've never got more than a few hours into the game, for whatever reasons.

It really is a game I want to play, and finally beat, though. It is the pinnacle of pre-PlayStation console RPG's (whereas Final Fantasy VII is undoubtedly the pinnacle of the PlayStation era, and still stands unrivalled by later games). The graphics in the game are close to as good as the SNES could do, and Nobuo Uematsu's classic soundtrack is top notch. The story and setting are also quite cool, and pretty original for the era. Where previous titles in the series had taken a somewhat more straightforward fantasy approach, FFVI took a step towards steampunk and science fiction, stylistic elements that would continue in later games. Throw in a large selection of characters and some of the most elaborate gameplay mechanics the series had seen thus far, and what you have is a true classic of the genre.

So yeah, I hope I can actually stick with it this time and not be too distracted by other games. Maybe that's one reason I wrote this little post; it's a little easier to stick with things once you've announced them in public.

One final thought: I miss the analogue sticks! How did people cope with just the directional pad in the old days?!

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