1 November 2012

People That Puzzle Me (Being a Brief and Slightly Silly List)

In a recent blog post about horror I said that people unable to watch horror movies puzzled me. And this is true, although by no means does it mean that I'd wish to force horror movies on anyone, but simply expressing that when your brain is wired a certain way, it can be hard to relate to people whose brains work differently. Anyway, this got me thinking a little about all the weird ways we people differ from each other.

So, for fun and procrastination, here's a little list of some things, off the top of my head, that puzzle me:

  • Milk drinkers. (Don't you people have taste buds? That stuff is vile...)
  • People capable of eating with a mismatched knife and fork. (Well, I guess I'm technically capable. I'll eat with what I'm given, I don't want to seem rude. But I'll never set mismatched utensils myself.) (Same applies to cups and saucers.)
  • Pets. (Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against animals, but I don't really get anything out of them either, meat notwithstanding, and could never cope with the expense and responsibility.)
  • People who didn't like Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (but liked the first movie). (Seriously? One of the most amazingly epic productions in movie history!) (Same applies to Matrix sequels.)
  • People who like the Star Trek reboot. (No comment should be necessary.)
  • People who watch movies in theatres. (Apparently everyone else but me has bottomless pockets and infinite toleration towards morons?)
  • People who watch movies (or shows) on TV. (Seriously, how do you cope with the disruptive commercials and general lack of control?)
  • People who keep on talking about movies all the time. (This is not an actual point, but a self-ironic comment looking back at the last few entries.)
  • Pop music. (To clarify, since that's a pretty vague term, any blatantly commercial and artificially produced music. As a rule of thumb, if the performers didn't write the music they're performing, that's generally a bad sign.)
  • Rap music. (Actually, I think a lot of rap music is probably worth more respect than average pop music. I just can't stand the sound of most of it...)
  • People who habitually use the term Dungeon Master instead of Game Master. (Anyone with a modicum of knowledge about the history, and diversity, of RPG's should understand why.)
  • People who eat cheese on its own. (It belongs in a sandwich, damnit!)
  • People who eat 'lunch' at midday, as opposed to 'dinner'. (How do you people stay on your feet without a big meal early on? And if your noon meal actually happens to be your main meal of the day, why the f*** would you call it 'lunch'?)
  • People who eat at restaurants. (To repeat, apparently everyone else but me has bottomless pockets? Even junk food seems ridiculously expensive these days...)
And... obviously this list only scratches the surface, but I'm having trouble thinking of more just now. I may edit this post if I think of good additions later...

Differences make us human. They are something to be celebrated, and the purpose of this list is by no means to criticise anyone. Although these things may puzzle me, I accept that people have different tastes.

That being said, there are of course things that are not matters of taste or opinion. Bigotry and violence should never be accepted. (Or beetroots. The sooner that plague is exterminated from the face of this planet, the better. That is not a matter of taste or in any way negotiable. Even though much of the population seems to, unfathomably, have a differing, and, in my mind, utterly insane, view on this.)

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