1 March 2013

A Quick Comic Book Update: Saga, Vol. 1

One of the shameful things in my existence is the minuscule size of my... um, comic book collection. A fact which I again came to notice while recuperating from my recent appendectomy, during which time I devoured most of the comics within hand's reach. I'm lucky to acquire one or two new trade paperbacks a year. If any. And there's so much cool stuff out there I'd like to read, old and new. But... with all the games, music, movies etc. that I also need to get my hands on...

Anyway, earlier this winter the (quite brilliant) webcomic Weregeek happened to mention a new comic book series called Saga. It sounded cool. So, on a whim, I decided to order the first volume to check it out for myself. I've had a chance to read it twice now, and yeah, it is pretty cool.

The book's written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Fiona Staples. It is not the easiest comic to describe. It mixes up fantasy and space opera. There's plenty of humour. There's also plenty of sex, violence and bad language. There are some crazy, imaginative creatures and ideas. And I mean crazy. Like 'robots' with humanoid bodies and TV heads. It's been described as 'Star Wars meets A Game of Thrones', although I'm not sure that quite does it justice. Anyway, the story involves two lovers, and their newborn baby, from races divided by a long war, escaping assassins sent after them by both sides. There's a strong message of pacifism intertwined with the action.

The art's pretty good, too. If I must whinge about something, it's that the computerized lettering doesn't look particularly inspiring. Most annoyingly, it uses lower case style, which to me just looks plain wrong. I'm used to comics being lettered in all caps.

The big problem at this point, though, is that the second TPB volume won't be out for a while yet... Dammit.

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