1 March 2013

Digging Roots: A Semi-Random Tom Petty Post

Around the time I was in my late teens, I was really into Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. For many years there, if you'd asked me what my favourite band was, the answer would have been pretty obvious. And I still love them, of course, even if my listening habits over the years have naturally changed. When I'm idly strumming guitar at home, if I happen to play a cover song, it's still most likely to be a Tom Petty number.

During those early years I bought most of their studio albums (and Tom's solo albums, of course). However, for a long time, a couple CD's were missing from my collection. I'd copied CD's from the library, of course, but that's never quite the same. So recently, out of the blue, I got the inspiration to finally buy these couple missing albums, the last one of which arrived just this week.

(Actually, I'm still missing Mojo, their most recent release. But that can wait. I haven't actually heard it much, and first time... I wasn't really quite as impressed as with most of their work, to be honest.)

I also took this opportunity to re-rip my entire Tom Petty collection in lossless (flac) form. These days I mostly favour lossless when I rip new purchases, but updating my old collections (largely still as 128 kbps MP3's, since back in the day disk space was a real issue) has been slow progress at best. To be perfectly honest, I'm often not sure my ears can really tell the difference... (But that's no excuse to use less than perfect copies, of course.)

(Yeah, I said 'my entire Tom Petty collection' there, but actually I hit a snag along the way. It seems my CD drive and/or ripper software really does not like a few of the more recent CD's. These are all albums released by Warner, or its subsidiaries. I did a little googling, and it seems other people have had problems ripping Warner releases as well...)

So now? I'll listen to all these Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers albums, from first to last, of course!

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