22 March 2013

Why I Don't Go to the Movies Any More

I'd like to see The Hobbit. I'd love to see Django Unchained. But I won't, for a good while yet. Not until they're out on DVD (and even then I'm likely to wait until I can get them for a more reasonable price).

The truth is, I haven't been to a movie theatre in several years. Why? Well, it's a whole... confluence of reasons, really.

There's the people. Yeah, the chatting, munching, laughing, shuffling people... I think the ideal, if not only, way to watch a movie is utterly alone. I can't abide distractions of any kind while watching a movie. (The one exception might be immediate family members, 'cause I'm used to watching movies and TV with them.) I'm not sure if I've come to hate crowds and noise more as I grow older, or if I've actually always been this way. But, Hell is, indeed, other people...

Then there's the 3D. I have never seen a 3D movie, so I guess I shouldn't really judge, but... On the one hand, the whole thing sounds like a pointless gimmick that doesn't add anything to the story. On the other hand... well, I'm just kinda scared of even trying to watch 3D. I mean, I wear glasses, I already tend to get headaches relatively easily, etc. The whole thing just sounds very inconvenient. So at this stage not watching 3D has almost become a matter of principle.

But the most obvious, and possibly most important, reason is, of course, the cost. A ticket at the local theatres currently costs €10.80 on weekday evenings, €13.50 on Saturdays. Plus an additional €2 for 3D movies. Considering that for the same money I can buy a CD or a DVD, or several older ones, which I can enjoy in the privacy of my own home, whenever I please, there is simply no contest.

So, unless the movie theatre industry suddenly goes through a miraculous transformation into a much more pleasant and economical environment, I can't see myself setting foot in a theatre for a long, long time to come...

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