11 April 2013

Once More, without the Books

In yesterday's blog post I talked about my common yearning to read new RPG rulebooks. Particularly when I'm supposed to be focusing on another game... But there's also another way to procrastinate in RPG land: designing your own rule systems and settings.

I've worked on a whole bunch of RPG systems over the years. Some never leave the idea stage. Some I've used on occasion for a one-shot or mini-campaign. None of them proved to be particularly revolutionary and  all were soon forgotten.

Although on some level any creative work can be seen as a positive endeavour, there is really little more point in designing new systems than there is in browsing rulebooks you're not planning to use in the immediate future. For one thing, the issue with time an opportunity is still the same. I cannot possibly run every interesting game out there... But there's also another important issue, which is the fact that, as I've repeatedly said recently, I really do like reading quality RPG rulebooks. And should I run a game designed entirely by myself, I'd have even less opportunity to do so...

Regardless of all this I just spent a little time jotting down notes for yet another RPG system. Something I'd hope was a little different. Something that would accommodate things I enjoy, like epic, fast, video game like action...

I honestly don't know why I bother.

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