31 May 2013

Psychedelic Pill (Back to Basics with Neil Young and Crazy Horse)

A few years ago I blogged about Neil Young's then new album, Le Noise, and how the entire album was put up on YouTube for free listening. I wrote back then: 'Now that's the way to do it. Let the audience really fall in love with the album, the whole album, mind, not just some little samples. What better way can there be to sell records? I'd buy it right now, if I just had the money.'

Well, it took me a while, but I finally got around to ordering it. Because it really is a great album. It's still en route, but today I received another album I ordered at the same time, Neil Young & Crazy Horse's latest work, Psychedelic Pill.

Now this is a mammoth of a work, a double CD a whopping 87 minutes long. The sound... well, the only words one can use to describe it are Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Nothing else sounds quite alike. The raw guitar sound, the long, rambling, improvisational solos (heck, one of the tracks is a mere 27 minutes long)... And it does sound very much like earlier works by the band. There's nothing really new here. But why tamper with perfection?

There is definitely a touch of psychedelia to the sound, as the name of the album suggests. The perfect way to enjoy the album would probably be while relaxing after a couple glasses of wine (or other substances, should one be into such things)... Just sit back and let the sounds wash over you...

Well into his sixties now, Neil's still got it. This is rock, pure and perfect. While a lot of the music I listen to these days is from the metal world, it always feels good to get back to one's roots every now and then. Can't wait to listen to Le Noise again, as well. It's been a while.

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