21 June 2013

One Solstice Night, Pt 4

For a few years already it has been my tradition to stay up till dawn on the shortest night of the year, watching movies and having a few drinks — and naturally blogging it all. The actual moment of the solstice won't be until 7:58 am on Friday (my time), by which time I'll be (hopefully) fast asleep. But tonight is the nearest night to it, so it should do fine for my purposes.

I have a variety of different liqueurs, which I plan to sample. And for entertainment — as it happens, I just today received by post Within Temptation's Black Symphony concert DVD. Perfect timing.

22:51 - Sunset. First drink of the night is cherry liqueur and coke. Not bad, vaguely like Dr Pepper. I'm not a huge fan of liqueurs in general, really, at least not straight up, but in mixed drinks some can add a bit of nice flavour. Time to start the concert!

23:20 - Time for another drink. This time something a little more exotic: sea-buckthorn liqueur (that's 'tyrni' for my Finnish followers) with orange soda. OK... the liqueur is fairly mild over the orange... (I hate sea-buckthorn berries, really, but in liqueur form it is... well, sweet enough to be palatable.) Meanwhile, Black Symphony is pretty epic. A two hour concert with orchestra and choir on stage! Only complaint thus far is that the editing isn't quite perfect — too many gimmicky effects.

23:45 - Chocolate liqueur and coke. Weird, but drinkable.

0:30 - Burrito time! And some coffee...

1:00 - Angels on stilts? WTF? Nope, I'm not that drunk, it really happened...

1:20 - Sometimes I wonder what the point of encores is... It's little more than a formality these days. Like, are we supposed to be surprised they come back on stage?

1:40 - That may have just been the most confetti I've ever seen in a concert video... Yeah, so, it's finished, and I quite enjoyed it. I don't have a lot of metal on DVD, basically only Nightwish's End of an Era, which I love.

2:00 - It's a cloudy night, so it's actually relatively dark. If it was clear, the sky would still be clearly blue and rapidly getting lighter... Time for another drink, I think. Still got a peach flavoured liqueur to sample. Think I'll try it with the orange soda.

2:10 - Yeah, it's drinkable, though I've had better. Watching DVD extras now. You know what this box has? A whole second concert on a bonus DVD! But that I'll watch some other day...

2:25 - Dutch is kinda weird. Just sayin'. (23 million native speakers? Wow, who knew... And it's such a tiny country...)

3:00 - A little breath of air — and taking out some rubbish. Yeah, chores in the middle of the night. What's the world coming to... Saw a bat.

3:15 - Last drink of the night, I think. Another cherry and coke.

3:35 - Watching a Mario Marathon test stream for a moment. The event starts tomorrow. It's always awesome. And, you know, for charity.

3:55 - Sunrise. Well, that was a fairly relaxed and pleasant night. Off to bed now. Busy day tomorrow. I'll be so dead... *yawn*

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