7 July 2013

The Great Galaxy Experiment Pt 4: Triumph or Agony

Continuing coverage of my playthrough of Super Mario Galaxy. (Previous episodes: part 1, part 2, part 3.)

Just a quick update on my progress, 'cause I've played my fill for tonight and have a little time to kill before bed. Played maybe a mite too much, even, and ended up giving myself a headache. But the game's still a lot of fun.

Last night was a bit of a bust. I'd neglected to prepare spare batteries for the Wii remote (I use chargeable batteries, naturally), and then, of course, the batteries ran out... I was only able to play a couple levels.

Today I finally passed 60 stars. This is the amount needed to proceed to the final stage and 'beat' the game. However, I still have plenty of levels left to play, both main levels and bonus stuff, so I'll keep playing them for as long as I can. Because that's what this game is about, really — meeting the challenges, finding the solutions, beating the levels, experiencing the crazy level design... It's not that rare that in more story driven games I'll skip some side quests that don't contribute to the story, or won't bother to find every single item along the way, because it doesn't really add anything worthwhile to the experience other than statistics. But in this game almost every level, both regular and bonus stuff, even revisiting old levels to find that additional hidden star, has been in some way interesting and different.

Right now I'm not particularly hopeful of ever 'hundred percenting' Super Mario Galaxy, though. I just got my arse handed to me by Cosmic Mario in the Cosmic Mario Forest Race level. Some 30 lives down the drain. I think the guy's been on steroids since I last met him. The first couple Cosmic Mario races were a piece of cake. But this level... Your performance has to be absolutely perfect in order to beat him. Unless there's some trick I'm totally missing...

A couple days ago I had a lot of trouble with the Bouldergeist Daredevil Run level. I haven't tried it again since that Game Over. I know I could maybe beat it with a little luck on my side, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort just now... It should be noted that both these trickiest levels thus far have been of the 'revisiting old levels with additional challenges' variety. Sure, there have been some challenges in the 'main' levels, too, but nothing I couldn't get over thus far... I hope my luck and skill last as I move on towards the final levels...

(The title of this post is a reference to a Rhapsody of Fire song. Today has included moments of both...)

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