15 August 2013

Saga, Vol. 2

Last spring I wrote about reading the first collected volume of Brian K. Vaughan's comic book series Saga. (Here's the blog post.)

Now I finally got my hands on the second trade paperback and read it tonight. And it was great.

It's actually pretty hard to write anything much, really, about this series. It's a unique, original, crazy space fantasy epic. It's brimming with violence and sex, yet somehow it manages to be one of the most heart-warming comics I've ever read. The characters are brilliant, the twists of the story great, and the art top notch.

I'm sure it's not quite everyone's cup of tea. If you're squeamish about blood or nudity, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it (but then again I prefer not to recommend anything much to anyone, 'cause people's tastes are so different). But as for myself, I've rather loved both volumes thus far.

Of course the second volume, like the first, ends with a cliff-hanger. And now I have a long wait ahead of me. Being a little late to pick up the first TPB, I only had a few months to wait for the second volume. But now the issues of the next story arc are only just beginning their release, so I expect it'll be well into next year before the next TPB comes out... *sigh*

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