25 September 2013

The Passing of an Old Friend (Another Sh*t, Another Fan)

Yesterday was a Bad Day. One of the things I most dread happened. My PlayStation 3 broke down.

I'd finished Brütal Legend the previous day, but was still excited enough about the game to go and buy some DLC and was going to start the game again. I'd barely gotten started when suddenly the screen froze for a moment, and then the console just shut down. Now when I try to start it, it just beeps and begins flashing a red light.

From googling it sounds like this could be the 'Yellow Light of Death' problem (which, from what I understand, could be caused by any number of general hardware failure, but is apparently often caused by deterioration of thermal paste). There's not much I can do about it myself. I'm no electrician. There are some quick fix guides around that have you heat the console with a hair dryer, but this appears to be unreliable at best and often only a temporary fix, so I'm not overly keen to try it.

I can't afford a replacement or repairs for a few months at least. So basically I'm screwed.

I guess I'll just have to dust off the old PS2 for the time being. I mean, there's a bunch of games I could be playing on it. Old favourites long overdue a revisit, and games I've bought over the years but never got around to playing. It's just that having recently played almost exclusively on the PS3 (OK, so I played some Mario on the Wii recently, but that's an exception to the rule), I expect the transition to be rather jarring. The low resolution, the 4:3 aspect ratio, the noise (really, the fan on the older model PS2 is bloody loud)...

The PS3 also functioned as my primary DVD player. The PS2 can play DVDs, of course, but I expect the quality of the experience to be poorer (largely for the same reasons that the gaming experience is likely to be poorer).

Of course with the luck I'm having the PS2 might just... explode or whatever.

While I do have a bunch of PC games waiting to be played (mostly stuff from the Humble Indie Bundles), gaming on my current PC isn't really an option. I've had way too many problems, particularly with graphics drivers, to even consider it right now...

Tonight, though, I'm just killing time blogging and stuff. And listening to sad music. And having a couple drinks. I think I deserve it. Here's to the passing of an old friend!

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