11 November 2013

A Quickie Webcomic Update (Featuring Gunnerkrigg Court)

I've written about webcomics I read several times in the past. Having just added one new comic to my reading roster, I thought I'd write a quick update about some of my favourites from the comics I follow.

First of all, the new one: Gunnerkrigg Court. This comic has been going for a while already, with some 1200 pages of archives (which I devoured in a few evenings last week, as tends to be the case whenever I discover a new webcomic I like). It's about kids in a strange school. A comparison with Harry Potter naturally arises, and yes, it might be slightly like Harry Potter, if Harry Potter had been, you know, actually cool and original! With robots and stuff! It's a pretty imaginative story, with plenty of humour, although it also has more serious, even tragic elements.

OK, so onwards to a few other comics I really enjoy, and think others might as well. Not in any particular order. (Most of these I've probably mentioned before in my blog.)

Girl Genius, the ultimate steampunk science fantasy tale.

Looking for Group, a frequently hilarious high fantasy adventure.

Weregeek, a comic about geeks, mixing up both their lives and the roleplaying games they play.

Questionable Content, a comic about, well, people, and relationships, and stuff. With a bit of sci-fi thrown in, occasionally. And any description I write can't really do it justice.

Goblins, a comic that started out as a fairly simple D&D parody, but has featured some very cool and original (and occasionally gory) storylines. (Alas, the release schedule lately has been a little scarce, and the published pages haven't always been quite finished, but it's still a great comic.)

You'll notice these are mostly comics that tell ongoing stories. And mostly fantasy. Which says a lot about my taste. There's a handful of other stuff I follow, including classic strips like xkcd or Dork Tower, but what I really appreciate is a good, imaginative story.

Sadly, my own comic, Escape from Lowresia, has now been on hiatus for more than a year. I always meant to get back to it, but I just haven't found the energy or motivation for it (it's not like I made any money out of it or anything, and during its first year I didn't exactly manage to get a huge following). Never say never, but I don't see it happening in the very near future. The archives are still up for all to read, though.

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