20 December 2013

On Re-Visiting a Beloved Universe, and the Lasting Repercussions of a Console Breakdown

This is mostly a test to see if this post goes through to Facebook without problems. 'Cause my previous one didn't. I use twitterfeed.com to automate posting new blog posts to social networks. Apparently, however, Facebook has recently changed so that connections with apps are only valid for a couple months and must then be manually reconnected. Which is obviously a pain in the arse. And also impossible to remember to do. You don't remember such a thing until your latest post suddenly fails to show up in your news feed as expected... Yeah yeah, Facebook sucks, so what else is new?

Maybe I'll take this opportunity to write a quick update about my gaming. Earlier this autumn I wrote about the tragic death of my PS3. Some time ago I finally got my hands on a replacement, albeit a used one. (Probably almost as old my broken console. But I got it pretty cheap.) I was still playing FFX then on PS2 so it took me a little time to start gaming with it, but here I am again.

Last summer I'd begun replaying the Mass Effect trilogy and had worked my way through the first part before being sidetracked by holidays and other games. Now I was finally getting anxious to get back to the series again. Only trouble was, my old save files were (and still are) on the broken PS3. Which means that they are basically inaccessible without getting the console repaired. Yeah, maybe I should have done backups occasionally...

Anyone who's played the trilogy will know that decisions you make in one game can affect events in later games. Now, I could have begun ME2 with the 'default' options. In fact I did. However, almost the first sentence spoken was contrary to my experience in the first game. My brain just couldn't cope with that. So I quit, and popped in the first game and have now been playing it over the last couple weeks. Again.

I'm getting pretty far into the game now, and even though this is my third playthrough in just a little over a year, I'm still enjoying it a lot. And I can't wait to replay the other two parts. They should feel pretty new and exciting after a couple playthroughs of the first game. All in all, these games should keep me busy for a good while yet.

Assuming this PS3 holds up, that is...

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