10 April 2014

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Been a while since I played an entirely new video game, largely because I've been working my way through the Mass Effect trilogy, which has turned out to be a fairly lengthy undertaking. I decided to to take a little break from it, though, and played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

This is quirky little indie adventure game from Swedish developer Starbreeze Studios. Two young brothers in a medieval fantasy world set out to find a cure for their ill father. Their journey takes them through a variety of strange places. Most of which seem to be in a fairly ramshackle state and difficult to navigate through...

The characters all speak in a made-up language, and the story's relatively simple. Starting out, it looks like a pretty light-hearted, non-violent adventure game. Be warned, though, towards the end the story gets pretty grim and emotional, as the brothers encounter their share of destruction and death along the way. Can't say much without spoilers, but some of the twists actually managed to surprise me.

For a fairly small indie game, Brothers looks really nice, with its grand landscapes and whatnot. Music's pretty cool and atmospheric, too. The gameplay is largely puzzle based, with a twist: you control both brothers simultaneously, one with each analogue stick, using the left and right trigger buttons to make the characters interact with the environment. And that's it. Controlling two characters at once can be a little disorienting at first, but you get the hang of it.

The puzzles honestly aren't very hard. Certain sequences require fairly precise timing, but once you get into the swing of things, the game progresses pretty smoothly. I found it pretty fun and relaxing, overall. It's not a long game, I played it through in just a couple sittings. Since the game is highly linear and puzzle based, and not particularly challenging, I'm not sure it really has a whole lot of replay value, though... Still a fun experience, though, for anyone who likes fantasy and adventure games. Nothing much more to say.

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