4 May 2014

Linking the Fire: The Day I Beat Dark Souls

So I did it. I beat Dark Souls. After years of being somewhat sceptical about this game, once I actually got into it I simply devoured it, spending a lot of my free time playing it over the last couple weeks.

The final boss... was actually easier than I was expecting. Beat it on my second try (and came very close to beating it on the first). But that doesn't mean I'm a skilled player, just that I've taken my time and levelled up my character and equipment. I feel like I've explored Lordran fairly thoroughly now, although I'm sure there's still a ton of hidden content that I've missed. The ending was... arguably kinda anticlimactic, but that's just so Dark Souls all over, with its minimalistic storytelling.

Since I already discussed many aspects of the game in my last couple blog posts (my first impressions, and second impressions), I'm not going to write a proper 'review' blog. Suffice to say, I had a lot of fun playing Dark Souls. I loved the atmosphere, the action, even the silly NPCs. That being said, I'm sure this is not a game for everyone.

Dark Souls has a reputation for being a hard game. And I guess it is. But if I can beat it without too much trouble, I think most people with a little experience in action games, and a little patience, should do just fine. It is not the most easily approachable of games, however, and, as I've said before, you're much better off if you do some research beforehand. (Actually, maybe I ought to write some kind of noob's guide to the game. Although I'm not sure if any of my friends might actually be contemplating playing this game or that anyone else would actually discover my writings...)

I don't feel a great hurry to play the sequel. I guess I'll have to some day, but I'll wait at least until the price drops a little. The little I've seen of it... is fairly interesting, I guess, but I'm not sure about some of the changes... I'm also not sure I want to try a 'new game plus' with my current Dark Souls character. I think it might be more rewarding to try an entirely different character build. In any case, I probably should be playing other games as well, for a change.

And... I guess that's about all I have to say at this time.

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