22 June 2014

One Solstice Night, Pt 5

So, as my followers could conceivably know, for the past few years I have stayed up till dawn on the night of the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year, and blog my activities during that night. The actual moment of the solstice (astronomically speaking) was at 1:46 p.m. my time, so I guess tonight is the closest to it.

This year is a little different from my previous solstice nights, though, because, as it happens, the solstice this year happens to coincide with the awesome Mario Marathon for Child's Play Charity, which (as my followers again may be aware of) I follow every year with an almost religious fervour. So my night isn't going to be a whole lot different from the rest of my weekend. But I'll try to write up some of the highlights, anyway. (I also don't have any booze, like I usually do, largely because the stores have been closed for the last couple days due to the Midsummer holiday...)

22:51 - Sunset. The MM crew has now been playing for almost 29 hours and they've raised over $26,000 for charity. Pretty cool. They're currently playing Super Mario Bros. 2. That's one of my favourite games from the good old NES days, and (iirc) the only Mario game I actually beat (without Game Genie codes) back in those days. (Before this they played Super Mario Galaxy, which is probably my favourite modern Mario game...)

23:00 - A couple words about my marathon watching set up. I went all out this year, hooking up my laptop to my 40" TV so I can watch the stream way bigger than I ever have before, and I can have my laptop next to me for chatting in the marathon's IRC channel (and, you know, writing this blog and stuff). It's pretty cool. Don't know why I haven't done this before. Just laziness, I guess (and of course I didn't have a TV this size in previous years).

23:25 - And they just beat SMB2! I think this was the fastest playthrough yet this marathon, faster than SMB1 even. Next up is Super Mario Sunshine for the GameCube, which should be a much longer game... Not one I've played, not likely in the foreseeable future, but Mario is Mario...

00:00 - Midnight calls for a midnight snack. Gonna make me some nachos! Well, I call them nachos, but it's pretty much the simplest version I can imagine. Basically I just put slices of cheese on top of tortilla chips and toss them in the microwave. Well, I've got some salsa for dipping, too. Fancy.

1:00 - Should be about as dark as it gets around now. Been a pretty rainy week, but apparently the skies have cleared up just in time for tonight. And the skies are a nice shade of blue, fading to almost gold on the horizon... Yup, that's midnight at midsummer here in Finland...

1:20 - Ah, good old blindfold mode, always good fun to watch.

1:40 - Hah, wouldn't be Mario Marathon without the eventual technical difficulties. Apparently the website is down. Stream still works fine, luckily, 'cause it's through Twitch.tv. Of course the stream is a lot more quiet when people are fixated on fixing issues...

3:10 - I probably shouldn't be having more nachos at this time, but maybe just a little... Hope I won't regret it soon when I'm actually trying to sleep...

3:55 - Sunrise. Which means I should be heading to bed. Fun enough night, just a bummer about Mario Marathon's server issues. Tomorrow will be... pretty much the same as tonight! Hopefully the issues get sorted out soon and the rest of the marathon will be a huge success!

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